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British Farming in Spring

The story of Spring from our faithful family farm.

For many livestock #farmers around the world, Spring marks the start of lambing and baby lambs frolicking in the fields. It's a wonderful time of year for us all, and it moves so quickly.

In this deep dive video we go through:
00:00 Spring Expectations
02:10 Sheep Scanning Pregnant Ewes
05:50 Lambing Starts
11:00 Feeding and Littering our Cattle
12:20 Watch a Lamb Birth
15:15 Farm Pig Update
20:20 Jobs for Baby Lambs
23:40 Lambing CCTV Camera
29:30 The end of Lambing
37:15 Tommy the Tamworth Boar
43:00 Handling Triplet Lambs
45:00 Sheep and Lambs in fields
46:45 Spring on the farm

By the end of Spring it feels unimaginable that the trees were once brown, the birds were once quiet
and we'd rather spend our days tucked up inside.

Now that the sun is out, none of us have to think too long, or look too far – to see how lucky we are, how green the grass is, and how much we all have ahead.

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Produced By: Josh Aarons, Rufus Denne.
Filmed By: Josh Aarons ( https://www.instagram.com/joshaarons_/ ),
James Norden ( https://www.instagram.com/james_norden/ ),
Rufus Denne ( https://www.instagram.com/talktoflank/ )
Photography by Hattie Ellis (https://www.instagram.com/hattieellisphoto/)

2 Cesareans in 24 hours + Good Morning from the Farm

This morning we discuss how lambing is going for mum, the progress Ru has made with selling farm produce direct and what's just around the corner in Spring.

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00:00 Let's talk farming
02:24 Lambing has mellowed mum out
03:40 How's lambing going?
04:10 First Ewe cesarean in 10 years
05:40 Another Ewe cesarean
07:00 How much is a cesarean on a sheep?
08:40 Spring special coming soon!
09:15 We got a farmstream camera!
11:30 Ru's master plan
12:00 Ru I need you to sell a cow!
13:50 Join us https://www.flankfarm.com/shop/
18:50 Spring is here!
19:15 Blackthorn winter
20:40 Tommy Tamworth update
21:20 Jack the Oxford Sandy and Black

Amazing photography from Hattie Ellis (https://www.hattieellis.co.uk/)
Lambing camera from FarmStream (https://www.farmstream.co.uk/)

Farming & struggling on with a smile

Farming is a way of life that mum has been fortunate and blessed to be born into, but if we're being honest... our small family farm can no longer support a family. That's not a reason to feel sorry for us, and that’s not a reason to stop farming. We're duty bound to keep struggling on.

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Struggle seems quite negative, and constricted. But in the context of our farm, and the conversations I’ve had - it’s got a more warming feeling to it than that. I'll be helping my mum struggle on with the farm.

Thumbnail photograph by Hattie Ellis
Filmed by Joshua Aarons and James Norden




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