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What are Futures?

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You've probably heard of the futures market before, or maybe you've seen future/forward prices mentioned in the news, but what are these numbers? Some magic number predicting future prices? Well...kind of! We'll discuss the topic in today's video.

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The Norwegian Investor : This dude deserves so much more attention on YouTube. I've been subbed for along time. And his videos always bring value. And it's free!
SangoProductions213 : Basically: The promise to buy something in the future with a certain price determined right now.
Shantoo : I rarely comment on videos, but this guy has explained it very well that I will make an exception here. You deserve more recognition and subscribers.
Carlos Veritas : Incredible, thanks for the video. Been a sub for some time and I really appreciate your videos. It's really difficult to find a good quality video with an explanation coming form someone that knows his stuff. Thanks dude.

Investing Basics: Futures

Prior to a name change in September 2021, Charles Schwab Futures and Forex LLC was known as TD Ameritrade Futures \u0026 Forex LLC.

Gain a better understanding of futures trading, including contract specifications like tick size, contract size, delivery, and margin requirements.
TD Ameritrade : After watching the video, what’s the most useful thing you learned?
StamX : And here I was getting all excited about receiving thousands of barrels of crude oil...
Trader Fx : Can you please explain what are margins requirements when its 1:50 leverage rule when comes the margin calls and minimum margin requirements and stop out level thats very confusing thanks
John Smith : "May lose his entire investment and more." You can say that again.
Nick K : What’s the difference between futures and options? Or is it just a different term for the same thing?

Monday Futures Market Open | tastytrade's First Call

What do a couple of ex-floor traders look at every Sunday market open? Tune in as tastytrade's Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista host First Call -- a live examination of equities, commodities, currencies, and more-- all done on the tastyworks trading platform. Get their take on how the news cycle has (or has not) impacted the open and how they plan to use market information and behavior going into another trading week.

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